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Alan Roger Currie a.k.a. The King of Verbal Seduction™





The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #1


Alan converses with Adult Film Industry Superstar Diana DeVoe, who is the very first African-American Female Director in the Adult Film Industry; Alan discusses her career - both in front of the camera and behind it - and her thoughts about sex, monogamy and female self-pleasure





"Ladies (and gents too), you HAVE to tune into Alan's new show, 'The Erotic Conversationalist.'
I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Alan is at the top of his game. He is witty, charming, intellectual and oh so sultry. His show is truly for the 'grown and sexy.' I had the distinct pleasure of listening to his very first episode where he interviewed Ms. Diana DeVoe and I was totally captivated the entire time. You definitely have a loyal fan here, Alan..."

Barbara, Business Owner, Baltimore, MD

"Alan’s debut show of 'The Erotic Conversationalist' was superb. Alan’s sexy, seductive voice kept me engaged the entire time. I almost pulled out my own sex toy! Great show Alan, I look forward to future episodes."

Michelle, Sales Director, Columbus OH


The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #2


Alan converses with Laila Odom, who plays the entertaining character of Ana Marie Hawkings on “Zane’s Sex Chronicles,” a popular late-night series on Cinemax; Alan and Laila discuss the appeal of erotica novels, Laila’s role as Ana Marie, and the distinctions between men and women’s sensuality



The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #3



“The Women from SCORES Strip Club”

On Hold


The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #4



Alan converses with Licensed Sex Psychotherapist Alexandra Katehakis about the recently popular and controversial subject of 'sex addiction'; What criteria causes someone to be validly categorized as a 'sex addict?' What are the primary symptoms of sex addiction? What are the various forms of sex addiction? Alex will enlighten Alan in this most interesting discussion



The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #5



Alan converses with up-and-coming Erotica Novelist and Blogger Nikki True about her popular blog, the art of female masturbation, her talent for oral sex, the importance of upfront, straightforward communication with your sex partners, and how society causes women to feel pressured to present themselves as prudish and erotically conservative to the rest of the world





The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #6


Alan converses with a free-spirited, open-minded, erotically uninhibited married woman who goes by the anonymous pseudonym, "Ambrosia Cumming," about her views and opinions on sex for married couples, romantic couples, and singles; her desire to act as an 'erotic mentor' for her closest female friends; and the importance of upfront, straightforward communication




The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #7



Once a prude, always a prude? The vast majority of women in society display a ‘prudish façade’ for the general public, but deep-down, behind closed doors, these same women love to get their freak on. Brandi L. Davis of L&B Pleasure Production & Events LLC joins The King of Verbal Seduction to discuss the value of adult toys for women, the pleasures of kinky sex, and why women are very selective about which men they reveal their “inner freak” side to






The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #8



Would you love to have an attractive, sexy "personal sex coach" in your private place of residence helping teach your wife or girlfriend how to give you a better blowjob, or help teaching your husband or boyfriend how to lick your pussy better? Sure you would. This is just one of the job-related activities of a Certified Sex Therapist such as Nikki Ransom-Alfred, who travels across the country speaking on the orgasmic pleasure and satisfaction that happens as a result of great sex. 'Dr. Darling Nikki' joins The King of Verbal Seduction to discuss her career, the importance of female masturbation, and the benefits of a man having a long, thick cock





The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #9



Can a man look at a woman's facial expressions, body language, and overall demeanor and identify if she is a 'prude' or a 'kinky freak?' Does good sex make your mood better, and does bad sex (or no sex) make your mood toward others worse? Sex & Relationships Therapist Kendal Williams joins The King of Verbal Seduction to discuss how good dick can enhance a woman's mood and happiness as well as how having a great sex life affects many other aspects of a man or woman's life





The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #10



Can a man or woman learn how to experience more orgasmic pleasure from reading an erotic novel? Can reading an erotic novel turn a man on in the same manner that watching adult erotic (porn) videos can? What is ‘Metaphysical Erotica?’ Can a man be both ‘raunchy’ and ‘romantically erotic’ with women at the same time? These questions and others will be answered when Erotic Writers Megan Hussey and Saqqarah engage in a hot and spicy ‘verbal ménage à trois’ with The King of Verbal Seduction as the three discuss everything related to better sex and masturbatory pleasure for women





The Erotic Conversationalist – Episode #11



What knowledge and wisdom can a woman gain about the mindset of the typical heterosexual man as a direct result of being a stripper? Do strippers gain insight into a man’s ‘real’ personality (i.e., no façades) quicker than a man’s own wife or girlfriend? Should a man ever take dating and sex advice from a woman? Former stripper-turned-Psychotherapist Maya Jordan, Host of’s new talk radio show Head Games, joins The King of Verbal Seduction to discuss what advice she offers to both men and women in today’s dating scene, and why women should never allow themselves to be ‘slut shamed’ into presenting themselves to the general public as a disingenuous ‘prude’ in order to please others and avoid criticisms






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