The backstory behind the “Mode One” philosophy


Surely, I could not attempt to ‘brag’ on the sheer number of women that I’ve had some sort of sexual interaction with, because I can name many men (Entertainment celebrities, professional athletes, adult film stars, et al) who have a list of former lovers that far exceed my own.


Similarly, when it comes to the raw “kinkiness” (or “freakiness”) of many of my sexual escapades, I’m sure there are many men whose stories could outnumber mine, or be described as more “wild.”


But if there is one area where I’ve raised the eyebrows among both my male friends and acquaintances, as well as my female friends and associates, has been in the area of verbal seduction, and the subsequently “quick” sexual interactions that took place following the seduction.


Prior to my Senior Year in high school, I had no idea there was even anything such as “verbal seduction” techniques. The first time I developed a clue about it was the Summer prior to my Senior Year, when I was visiting a friend of mine. He played this adult film (porno) in the VCR entitled, “Talk Dirty To Me,” which starred John Leslie as a slacker womanizer named “Jack.”


I had always been under the impression that you had to be ‘physical’ with a woman (kiss her, caress her, massage her, or something involving touching her) in order to get her sexually aroused. I had no idea that you could just talk to a woman and get her juices flowing.


In what, to this very day, I would describe as the hottest verbal seduction scene that I’ve ever seen in any film (PG-13, R, XXX, etc), Jack’s friend “Lenny” (Richard Pacheco) injures himself, and has to visit the doctor. While waiting for Lenny, Jack begins flirting with the seemingly prim, proper, and prudish female physician (Cris Cassidy). After a few moments of verbally flirting on the couch, he rises and comes right up to her desk and begins ‘talking dirty’ to her.


“I bet a lot of men would pay big bucks to get in your pants … wouldn’t they? (pause) I wouldn’t pay you shit… (pause) But I’d fuck the hell out of you…”


He goes on and on and on. You gradually begin sensing that some of his erotic verbiage is beginning to have an affect on her, but she tries her best to remain self-composed. She begins harshly criticizing everything he’s saying, and criticizes his moral character, but he remains ultra-confident, calm, cool, and collected. It’s as though none of her criticisms faze him in the least.


Finally, she gets up from her seat and declares, “I’m gonna call the police!!” Jack says, “Fuck the police …. (unzips his pants) look at this … (pulls his erect cock out and begins stroking it; The female physician begins licking her lips) You like it??”


Sure enough, within minutes, she’s on her knees sucking his dick. Now, after just criticizing him a few minutes prior, she can’t wait for him to fuck her.

At the time I watched this, I was amazed. I think the most specific aspect of his verbal seduction that amazed me the most was his calm, cool, collected responses to her harsh criticisms. It’s just the average man’s normal tendency to become defensive and/or apologetic when an attractive woman begins expressing a barrage of harsh, subjective criticisms of his behavior and moral character. But he remained totally calm, composed, and indifferent in response to anything negative she said.


At the time, my friend Marlon and my brother said, “don’t take notes too quickly … after all, this is just a movie. I don’t think you could ever get away with talking like that to a girl you just met in real life…”


Over the next few years, I ended up proving that their statement was not true. Matter of fact, it was FAR from the truth.




I actually didn’t coin the term, “Mode One” until Fall of 1990, but even before then, I had experienced my share of ‘Mode One’ styled verbal seductions. If you saw the movie, “Dangerous Liaisons,” there was a scene in which Marquise de Merteuil (Glenn Close) challenges Vicomte de Valmont (John Malkovich) to seduce the young, naïve Cécile de Volanges (Uma Thurman). Merteuil doesn’t really think Valmont will be successful, but he is.


The next morning over breakfast, when Cécile acknowledges that Valmont did indeed seduce her, Merteuil is ultra-curious as to why he was successful in doing so. She asks Cécile what made her give in. “It’s as though he had a response to everything I said…” And then Madame de Rosemonde (Mildred Natwick) says the line of significance. “Once you render a woman speechless, you will always be in a great position to seduce her.”


Here’s my primary principle for a successful “Mode One” styled verbal seduction: Never argue with, apologize for, or try to defend yourself against, harsh, subjective/opinionated criticisms. Just listen to them, accept them, and then throw them out of your mind. They mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you get into a debate or argument about your behavior (good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate), you decrease your chances of rendering a woman speechless.


This one principle is at least 50% of the effectiveness of Mode One Behavior, both in general, and specifically when it comes to [verbal] seduction.


The other concept I learned through my Mode One experiences and seductions? No woman can directly, or ‘intellectually,’ prevent you from causing her to become sexually aroused. Any woman can prevent you from having sex with them, but they cannot prevent you from getting their pussies wet. A woman’s pussy getting wet is not an ‘intellectual’ decision. It’s a hormonal reaction to a man’s looks, demeanor, behavior, and/or words. Among other reasons, GOD would never allow the desire to have sex to be totally intellectual. That would conceivably, and potentially, prevent the reproduction of the human race.


So beginning with the mid-to-late 80s, I became a self-proclaimed “Master” of verbal seduction. So much so, that I had a few male acquaintances dub me “Da Legend,” and female acquaintances nickname me “the unofficial King of Verbal Seduction.”


Just like a prideful recording artist would produce his “Greatest Hits,” I will now take time to lightheartedly ‘brag’ about some past “quick seduction” episodes ….


Yours Truly’s Greatest and/or Quickest “Mode One” Seductions


There are many women I’ve seduced into having some form of sex within weeks, months, or years after I first made their acquaintance, but for this specific list, I will only highlight some of the women that I was successful in seducing within the very same day that I made their acquaintance. Beginning with roughly 1985, there have probably been at least 15-20 women that I’ve seduced into an erotic interaction within the same day that I met them (resulting in either intercourse, oral sex, or at minimum, the woman stroked/jacked off my dick). I will only highlight my personal “Top Five”; Those women that I a) seduced into having some form of sex within at least 2 hours after I first met them, and b) overcame some degree of ‘resistance’ and/or subjective criticism in order to seduce them (in a rough ‘chronological’ order):


[note: some words and comments may be slightly paraphrased and/or modified due to inaccurate memory]


Same Day Legendary Verbal Seduction #1:


“Where’s my Butter Pecan Frusen Glädjé??” (Summer, 1986)


This was my last Summer in Bloomington in the 80s, before heading back up to Da Region, and this was the experience / seduction that made my own blood brother a believer in the effectiveness of Mode One Behavior. There was this very attractive Blonde (she would tell me later that she was a Nurse at Bloomington Hospital) that got of a car in the parking space right next to the one my brother and I pulled up to. She had on a black mini-skirt, with a “V” that stopped right above the crack of her ass.


My brother was like, “Damn!! She is sexxxy as hell!!! I wish I could fuck a woman like that tonight…” I was like, “I bet I could … if I wanted to.” Prior to this night, I had told Steve a handful of my “straight-to-the-point” verbal seduction experiences, but he was always skeptical that I was exaggerating. Initially, I had no intentions of trying to seduce this woman, but after going into the 24 hour Krogers grocery store at roughly 2am, and not finding my favorite flavored ice cream (Butter Pecan Frusen Glädjé), I was pissed. And when I get pissed, my level of boldness and straightforwardness increases two to three times.


I saw her standing alone in the isle where shampoo and hair supplies is sold. I walked up to her and just stared at her, not immediately saying a word. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “I am so undecided!! I don’t know which product to buy!!” I looked at her with an expression of “I can give a fuck about what you need to buy.” The first comment out of my mouth was “you look damn good in that mini-skirt…” She was like, “Thank you.” I went on to tell her that looking at her in that outfit was getting my dick hard. That blew her away. “Oh my God! You are soooo forward!” Duh. Uhm … yeah. First she lightheartedly criticized my comments and behavior, but then she slowly became more obliging.


After inviting me to touch her ass (I reached in her skirt and palmed that soft ass of hers), she “dared” me to show her my erection. She must’ve not known who she was dealing with. I immediately unzipped my pants and showed her my hard dick. The next thing I know, we were kissing, and she was stroking my dick with her right hand. I gently pushed her shoulders downward so that she took the cue to get on her knees. She began sucking my dick … right there in the store.

Minutes later, a grocery store stocking boy caught us in the act. That prompted her to make the comment, “wait for me in my car.” I went to her car, which was unlocked, but before getting in it, I winked at my brother, who was still in the car. He gave me a look of, “what took you so long? what’s going on?” I just smirked, and gave him a gesture that said, “hold on a minute.”


Soon, she came and joined me in her car, and we talked for about 3-5 minutes, before she lowered her head and started sucking my dick again. She could give head VERY GOOD. I looked over at my brother, and I could tell he was in disbelief. We continued to be more and more “interactive,” and right before my orgasm, my brother got out of his car, and approached hers. He knocked on the window, and it was good that I was cumming at that point. Because his presence kind of threw off her enthusiasm.


I earned his fascination and belief. It was a great experience. To this day, I can’t remember her name.


Same Day Legendary Verbal Seduction #2:


“Let me ask you a question . . .” (Spring, 1989)


Probably my 2nd most “memorable” same-day verbal seduction was when I was working in Downtown Chicago in Spring of ’89. I was working for First Chicago Bank, and I was on my lunch hour.


I saw this Latin/Puerto-Rican woman wearing this very sexy, form-fitting dress, walking down State St. Most of the construction workers that saw her were whistling at her, and cat calling her. She was walking with a little extra provocative shake to her hips … obviously well-schooled on how to be somewhat of a “dick tease.”


I decided to postpone getting my food in order to make this woman’s acquaintance. I walked straight up to her as she was at the nearest intersection, waiting for the green light to cross the street. I said, “My name is Alan … (pause) … do you fuck as good as you walk??” She was out of her mind with shock over that question. “Excuse me?!?!” she said. I calmly replied, “You’re excused.” She shook her head in disbelief as she crossed the street.


“Do you talk like this to ALL women?!?” she asked. “If I feel like it…” I replied. “I’m a respectable lady, and men don’t just talk to respectable ladies like that!!!” she said. I didn’t say anything but “so … you still didn’t answer my question.” She increasingly became frustrated. She began harshly criticizing my ultra-candid comments and overall behavior. She said that I was “immoral” and “rude.” I didn’t really care about her criticisms. For every criticism she offered, I just calmly replied, “Does this mean that we’re not going to hook up and fuck??”


Finally, after she saw that I wasn’t going to become defensive and/or apologetic, she slowly but surely lightened up. Then, finally, she answered my question. “I guess I would say that I fuck better than I walk … for sure …” No sooner than she said that, I looked at my watch and saw that I only had about 20-25 minutes remaining for my lunch. I hadn’t even eaten yet. I was like “I gotta go … it was nice meeting you…” She looked shocked. She was like, “That’s it?!? After all this sex talk, you’re just going to walk away?” I was like, “well write down your number … I’ll give you a call this weekend.” But her demeanor was more so like “Fuck this weekend. You’ve got me horny NOW.”


Sure enough, she was like “My car is just in the next block … can I give you a ride somewhere??” I was like, “what the hell…” She got in the car, wrote down her number, and then took off driving. She started to take me to this food place on Wacker Dr., but then she took it upon herself to look for a secluded alley, or somewhere private, so that we can fuck. She was like, “you got me so horny…” I was like, “You want me to fuck you, don’t you…” She gave me a smirk like “hell yeah I want you to fuck me…”


We didn’t end up fucking, primarily because I didn’t have a condom, and I didn’t trust myself for time. But she did end up enthusiastically sucking my hard dick. I came all in her mouth, and then said “I’ll call you this weekend.” Unfortunately, we never saw each other again after that. (We did talk on the phone once or twice, but never hooked up).

Same Day Legendary Verbal Seduction #3:


“May I help you find what you’re looking for?” (Summer, 1993)


I returned to Bloomington, Indiana in May of 1992, and ended up earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in December of ’92. I stayed in Bloomington while I pursued entrance into Graduate School, and once I got accepted into the I.U. MBA program, I knew I would be down there a while longer.


Most of the time I was down there, I worked part-time in a telemarketing job. After working since I returned to Bloomington, I got burned out from telemarketing. I wanted another job for the Summer of ’93 before entering into the MBA Program. So I went to the Poplars Building on East 7th Street looking for work.


While looking for a particular office to pick up an application, this attractive young sistah stopped me, and asked me did I need help. She was medium height, brown-skinned, and had a small waist, and a nice, round, athletic ass. When I told her what office I was looking for, she informed me that the people who worked in that office were all out to lunch, and they would be back in roughly 40-45 minutes or so. She offered to let me wait in her office, or come back later. Of course, I took her invitation to wait in her office.


After about 5 minutes or so of “small talk,” I boldly asked her if she had ever fucked in her office. She blushed and was speechless for a few moments. She gulped and said “I don’t believe you just asked me that question…” I said, “Well … believe it.” She gave me a few lighthearted criticisms for being so forward, but then she went on to tell me that she and her ex-boyfriend had fucked in the office bathroom at least once.


“What position did he fuck you in?” I asked. “Doggie-style” she replied. She was wearing these tight, white, “leggings” styled slacks. I asked her “do you love doggie style?” She said, “Yes … that’s actually my favorite position.” She should have never told me that.


After a few more minutes of provocative conversation, I asked her to stand up over near the typewriter, so that I could get a good look at her ass. She was like, “You are sooo naughty…” I just smirked.


Next thing you know, we were kissing and I was caressing that nice ass of hers. “My boss will be back in about 15-20 minutes!!!” she said. “Her office is right next door!!” she said. I was like, “So.” Seconds later, I slid down her leggings, bent her over on the table that held the typewriter, and began fucking her doggie-style. At times, she was moaning so loud that I had to put my hand over her mouth. I loved watching my pelvic area bounce off of that nice round ass of hers.


I finally came after about maybe 20 minutes or so. I took off my condom and shot my load all over her ass. Lucky I finished when I did. About 5-6 minutes after I finished, her boss came to the doorway and told her that she needed her to type up something. I was like “whew! … we almost got caught.




Same Day Legendary Verbal Seduction #4:


“So you like the Bruthas huh . . .” (Summer, 1997)


It was the first Friday evening in August of 1997, and membership in the L.A. Fitness Health Club on Wilshire Blvd. was at about 40%.  Attendance by members was usually at it’s lowest on Friday evenings, Saturday evenings, and Sunday mornings.  I usually worked out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but sometimes, I would change my routine to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


About ten minutes into my break, I’m approached by a young, attractive Blonde female, approximately 21 or 22 years of age, named Trish. Trish was about 5’5”, with a figure that was probably 34-25-37.  She was Caucasian, but she had a butt like a black woman.

“Do you know how to get started on the stepper??” she asked me.  “Do I look like I work here?” I replied in a smart alecky tone. “Well aren’t you a smart ass!” said Trish, with a smile.  “I can be…” I said. I walk over to the stepper, but before I can get started helping Trish, another female, this one a brunette, approaches Trish and I.  This turned out to be Trish’s UCLA college roommate, Ashley.  Ashley was slightly on the ‘chubby’ side … maybe 15-20 lbs. overweight … but still had a nice figure.  Similar to Trish, she had an ass that was shaped somewhat like the average thick Black woman.

“Is he going to show us how to do it?” asked Ashley to Trish.  I couldn’t help but interrupt that comment.  “Trust me … in due time, I’ll educate both of you two on how to please me….”  Both Trish and Ashley were momentarily speechless.  They couldn’t believe their ears.  “I beg your pardon??” said Ashley.  “Please … don’t beg.  I might lose respect for you if you beg too much.” I replied, in an ever-so-cocky manner.  The two college roommates just looked at each other with an “Oh My God…” expression.


“Don’t act like you two are blushing…” I said. “I bet you two would turn me out…” I added.  “Turn you out??  What do you mean by that?” asked Trish. “You know, show me new tricks…”  “You are so bad!!!” laughed Ashley.  I ended up engaging in some minor small talk, before I began asking them questions. “So … I bet Black guys always tell you both that you have asses like Black women….” I said, taking on a more calm, seductive demeanor.  The two women looked at each other and chuckled.  “I guess…” says Ashley.  “I know I have a nice, big butt…” laughed Trish.  “And yes … many of the Black guys at UCLA love my ass…” finished Trish.  I was now beginning to smirk, and get really comfortable.


I told Ashley to turn around. “Why do you want me to turn around?” asked Ashley. “So I can see your ass …” said Alan.  Ashley looks at Trish, and then they both look around in the club to see who may be paying attention.  Finally, after a few moments of reluctance, Ashley turned her back to me, so that I could get a really good look at her ass.  “Nice…” I said. I gave Ashley a playful slap on the ass.  Trish, not to be outdone, turned her back to me.  “What do you think of mine…” I stared at her curvaceous ass, and then I took BOTH of my hands, and caressed it.  “It’s okay…” I said facetiously.  Trish turns around and playfully slaps me on the shoulder. I left them alone to work out while I went upstairs to take a shower.


About 20-30 minutes later, I came out of the men’s locker room and returned downstairs.  I looked around for Trish and Ashley, but I didn’t see them initially. No sooner than I walked out towards the parking garage, Trish and Ashley approached me.  “What are you about to do?” asks Ashley. “Go home … you?” I replied.  The two girls looked at each other with mischievous expressions.  The two women still have on their tight workout outfits, and I began caressing Trish’s ass again.  “Who said you could feel on my ass…” asks Trish playfully.  I don’t say anything.  I just continued to caress her ass. I grabbed both of their hands, and led them to a secluded area of the parking garage.

I then lean Trish against a car, and pressed myself against her soft, round ass.  Trish felt my hard dick through my sweat pants pressing against her ass. “You like that don’t you … I know you feel me….” I said. Her friend Ashley moved closer to me, and I brought her close to me so that I could tongue kiss her.  While I’m standing there kissing Ashley, I continued to press my hard dick against Trish’s soft ass.

Finally, after about four or five minutes, Ashley then leads all of us her Honda Accord.  All of us end up getting in the backseat of the car, with myself conveniently in the middle.  I took turns kissing them both.  Even though it’s sort of cramped in the back, Ashley leans down and begins sucking my dick. Trish held on to my dick while Ashley sucked it enthusiastically.   Trish sort of jacked me off while Ashley continued sucking it. I had wanted to fuck Trish, but she informed me that ‘Mother Nature’ was visiting. Oh well. 

After a while, Trish had me so excited, that I was ready to shoot my load of cum.  I then directed Ashley to return to the backseat (she had gone up to the front seat), so that they both can kiss and lick on my dick while I cum.  Again, it becomes somewhat cramped, but they both alternate licking, kissing, and sucking on my hard dick. Finally, I shot my load on both of their faces while hollering out an orgasmic moan.


A nice “workout,” if I say so myself.

Same Day Legendary Verbal Seduction #5:


“Blow me off now, … but you’ll pay for it later …” (Summer, 2000)


Since roughly 1995, 1996, the number of ‘same-day’ seductions diminished compared to the late 80s and early 90s. Most of the women I’ve met, and subsequently seduced, I usually didn’t end up having sex with them until the next day, the following weekend, if not later. Or if I had sex with them within the very first time we were alone, I had already had at least one or two phone conversations with them prior to us being alone for the first time.


When I was thinking of my last memorable “ultra-quick” seduction, it would have to be during my last Summer in Los Angeles, before returning to Gary, Indiana to assist my parents. It was a little before Midnight, and I was at the Kinko’s near my apartment (about a block away). I was doing some things on the computer when an attractive sistah, about late 20s or early 30s, asked me for some assistance regarding some computer software programs. I was like, “Do I look like I fuckin’ work here?” She was startled by my harsh response, and was like “Wow. Sorry I asked.” I decided to keep fucking with her head by saying, “you need to be sorry. you shouldn’t even be in here if you don’t know how to use computers…” She was just speechless. She didn’t know how to react to my seemingly ‘asshole’ behavior. Then, just before she rose from her seat to go seek help from one of the Kinko’s workers, I tapped her and said, “I’m just fucking with you … how may I help you…”


“Do you know a lot about computers?” she asked. I said, “I pretty much only know about two things … hardware and software.” While talking to her, I couldn’t help but look at how seductively she was dressed. A male friend once said to me, the top four ways you can get a feel for a woman’s sense of sexuality is by looking into her eyes, listening to the way she talks, observing the way she walks, and paying attention to the type of clothes she wears. She had on these cute, short denim shorts, with this summer sweater that enhanced her handful-sized tits. Her face wasn’t the most gorgeous I’ve seen, particularly by L.A. standards, but she was a 9 out of 10 from the neck on down.


After about 10-15 minutes of computer-oriented conversation, I said, “I bet men try to get in your panties on a regular basis…” As anticipated, she was like, “Excuse me?!?” I, of course, had my patented response for that reply. “You’re excused…” She said, “why are you worried about how many men try to ‘get in my panties’??” I said “because I’m going to fuck you…” She just looked at me. And I returned the stare right into her eyes. She was like, “well, I have a boyfriend, so you can go back to what you were doing … I think I’m fine now.”


I debated momentarily between choosing to be more persistent, or just leaving the situation ‘as is,’ and the latter decision won out. I told her, “you know where I’ll be if you need anymore help” and then proceeded to leave her alone. Truthfully, at this point, I thought my chances of seducing her were slim and none. But then, to my surprise (or speaking egotistically, it wasn’t much of a surprise), she made a comment to me right as she was preparing to leave. She was like “you are a piece of work.” I didn’t even turn around. I pretended to ignore her, and kept doing what I was doing. Obviously, she didn’t like being ignored, so she came right up to where I was sitting. “I’m going to have to tell my girlfriends about you.” I still didn’t say anything. Finally, she was like “Oh, now you’re gonna just ignore me?” Duh! Hell yeah.


She acted like she was walking off, and said “fine. handle your business.” About 10 minutes later, I was done with what I had to do, and went to pay for my services. Guess who was still in there, even though it was obvious that she was finished doing her work?? HER. (Her name was Sharon, but I didn’t know that until later). I guess me making that attempt to ignore her really caused her a high degree of egotistical frustration, because now it seemed as though the tables had turned. Now SHE was the ‘aggressor.’


“So did I piss you off or something?” she asked. I just smirked and headed towards the door. She continued with “Well, actually, I really don’t have a boyfriend … but you know, there’s a lot of crazy guys in L.A. … you never know.” How did she know I wasn’t ‘crazy’ now?? Because I ignored her? Finally, I took her out of her agony and spoke my first words to her in a while. “Where’s your car?” I asked. “Right outside …” she replied. “Let’s go…” I confidently said. “Well, I still don’t even KNOW YOU….” she said. I gave her a look like, “Yeah, right.” We both headed to her car.

When we got in her car, we exchanged names, and engaged in 2-3 minutes of small talk. Then I asked her my original question again. “How many guys try to fuck you when you wear that cute little outfit you have on?” This time, she was less antagonistic, and more obliging. “Well, you know … men will always be men.” I started caressing her thighs, and she didn’t stop me. Then I said, “you’re getting my dick hard….” She looked at me, and said “Oh really…”


I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my hard dick. At first, she avoided looking at it, but I said I wasn’t getting out of her car until she stared at it. After feigning resistance, she finally stared at me stroking my dick. She asked, “does that feel good…” I said it did. I said, “why don’t you take over…” and at first, she resisted. Then I leaned towards her, and started kissing her, and during the kiss, she took it upon herself to start stroking my dick. After about 10 minutes more of making out, I was like, “I live right up the street on Hollywood Boulevard … let’s go to my place.” My roommate Wayne wasn’t going to be home until another hour or so, so I had the place to myself.


We got to my place, and I got her out of her clothes as quickly as possible. She began sucking my dick as I finger-fucked her, and she was “okay” at giving head, but it felt pretty good. Then, I started fucking her good fashion. Started out in missionary position, then let her ride me, then did doggie style. Finally, it was back to missionary position before climaxing. I sucked all on those nice nipples she had, and I made her cum first. “Cum all over this dick … cum all over this dick …” I said. Then, thinking back to our exchange in Kinko’s, I couldn’t resist but to make her apologize.


Say, “I’m sorry for giving you a hard time in Kinko’s…” I demanded. When a man has a dick in a woman’s pussy, and is using it right, he can get a woman to say damn near anything. She repeated what I told her to say at least 3 or 4 times. I was pleased. She came …. and I came.


Apology accepted.




Initially, I was encouraged to include some of my memorable “Mode One seductions” into my book; But my brother, along with a few female friends, thought that would be too risqué. So this was for you to enjoy. . .




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